The Woman Behind the Chair

As a teenager and young twenty-something I used to cut my friends’ hair, never dreaming that this would lead to owning my own hairstyling business or imagining that I’d still be enjoying and building my business thirty- six years later. 
After having spent eight years as a teacher in towns around Worcester, I decided to trade in my chalk for hair cutting shears. After watching the stylists where I had my own hair done, I thought I had the necessary dexterity and creativity to enjoy the challenge of cosmetology.

I became a Cosmetologist, licensed in Massachusetts in 1981.  Since I believe it is imperative to stay current with the styles and techniques in the beauty industry, I continue to take classes that educate stylists in cutting and hair coloring so that my clients can make informed and thoughtful decisions concerning their hair.  To this end I have taken courses offered by Goldwell Haircolor, Farouk haircolor, and Aquage styling products among others. And now I am certified as a Level 2,Certified Advanced Stylist, THE ONLY ONE IN WORCESTER AT THIS TIME,   “The Curly Girl” company specializing in curly hair with products solely for clients with wavy,  curly, corkscrew, or any type curl in their hair.

Please look further on the site to see the DevaCurl products  and others that are suitable for both those with tint or lightening techniques in color and  for styling.  I know  these will support and enhance your hairstyle regardless of color, thickness, texture, or length.

I also offer a relaxing in-chair “KIVA” massage -- a thirty-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. This pampering is done in the privacy of my room in the salon; the massage can be done alone, or accompanied by a nutrient-rich hair treatment, or added to any of your other hair services.

Thank you to all of you who have supported and helped me to build my business over the years.  It has been my desire to create a hair styling practice where I share my knowledge of cosmetology with my clients, to offer them the care, the expertise, and the high quality products to enhance their hair and, subsequently, their lives in small as well as large ways."

Martie Abeles


Martie and Associates Hairstylists

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